Penthouse Pet Yumi Kai

When Yumi Kai says she wants to help people, the pint-size coed doesn’t mean just as a pharmacist after she gets her degree. As she told us, "The best thing about being a model is helping horny people release all their built-up tension." That’s right, she did this just for you.

"As a webcam model, I can see those horny people on their webcams while they relieve that tension. Seeing exactly how much I’ve turned someone on is extremely gratifying!"

"I love a man who lets me dominate him. I want him to be my little puppy dog, to do whatever I tell him, and to let me tie him up and spank him. But I wouldn’t say I like to be in control. I just always want to get my way."

"The best date ends with sex in public. I once got caught masturbating by a pizza delivery guy, and it was like a porno come to life. I fucked a guy in the hot tub on a hotel roof in front of security cameras. Then there was the exercise studio with the picture window, the time on the balcony, in the car behind a shopping center…"

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