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Penthouse Letter “Stepping out”

I guess I should start by describing myself. I'm 29 years old, five feet six and 120 pounds, with long blonde hair. I have a tight body, due to a rigid workout schedule. I've done some modeling and commercials, including a mattress commercial for a top brand. I was the sexy blonde they want you to think you'll end up in bed with if you buy their mattress.I've been told I'm really attractive, and I get lots of attention when I'm out. The thing that really gets me noticed is my double-D breasts. They give me back problems sometimes, but they really turns the guys on, especially when they find out they're real. Every guy I date can't wait to get his hands all over them. Even when I'm out in public, someone always wants to touch my tits, women as well as men sometimes. I don't really mind; it makes me proud to think that t.. [read more]
Posted: May 18th, 2019
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Penthouse Letter “Pursuit and Capture”

You can believe it or not, and I wouldn't blame you if you don't. It was just one of those rare times in your life when a woman you hardly know shows up in kneehigh fishnet stockings, then pulls out a brand-new can of whipped cream right before she goes to town on your already-hard cock. You know, the kind of moment you spend your life hoping and praying for. Anyway, before I can say the word fuck, the power goes out! I'm left with my balls hanging out while my hardened hammer gets a dose of pleasurable deepthroating. I just don't get to see the action. But I just know she's eyeballing me in the dark, still looking up at me like she was-looking for a nod of approval-right as the lights went out.A little blackout is nothing to prevent this hottie from sucking me wild while sliding one hand up and down my legs and ass an.. [read more]
Posted: May 16th, 2019
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Penthouse Letter “True Romance”

Hal and I have been together for a little over a month. He's handsome, sweet and funny, not to mention a great lover. My libido races whenever he walks toward me. His clothes always fit perfectly and always look fabulous on him. The other night we had an encounter I want to tell you about-our first after he'd been away visiting his mom for two weeks. The whole time he was away, all I could think about was feeling his beautiful cock inside me. So when he called to say he was back, even though I do love him, there was only so much small talk I could handle. All I cared about was how my body ached for his. When he said he wanted to meet, I said I knew the perfect spot, a park within walking distance of my house.The sun was just starting to set. Off to the side of the park is a wellhidden forest. As I walked toward the for.. [read more]
Posted: May 11th, 2019
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Penthouse Letter “Open Season”

My wife Clarice loves dressing sexy, and really gets off on flashing her panties and stocking tops whenever she can. I certainly don't mind either. It gets us both hot. One night Clarice confessed to me that she fantasized about having a threesome with two other guys. I'd had basically the same fantasy, but I wondered if I could handle sharing her with someone else.We talked it over a lot, and I finally decided it would be best to let her get it out of her system. We agreed that we would offer this golden opportunity to two good friends of mine from work, Richie and Vern. Richie is outgoing, and although he was engaged, I knew he would love to have a crack at Clarice. Vern is shy, and a little heavy (though not fat) and kind of inexperienced with women. I figured that if this was going to happen, at least it was with f.. [read more]
Posted: May 6th, 2019
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Penthouse Letter “Wifes Gone Wild”

He found his wife with the barbecue man and it really lit his fire She looked so sexy stretched out naked on our bed, her eyes closed, the palm of one hand resting on her pubic mound. Vicki, my wife, hadn't expected me home this early, and I stood fascinated at the bedroom door, watching her bring herself to an afternoon delight. I had never seen her masturbate before that day, although she had never denied that she did. She was so engrossed in her sexual fantasy as she fingered her clit that she hadn't heard me come down the hall, and didn't see me standing there now. I shook with the erotic excitement of secretly watching her, admiring her nakedness, savoring the roundness of her breasts and how they heaved with each labored breath. I thrilled at the glistening slickness between her thighs, t.. [read more]
Posted: May 1st, 2019
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