Penthouse Letter “Wifes Gone Wild”

He found his wife with the barbecue man and it really lit his fire She looked so sexy stretched out naked on our bed, her eyes closed, the palm of one hand resting on her pubic mound. Vicki, my wife, hadn’t expected me home this early, and I stood fascinated at the bedroom door, watching her bring herself to an afternoon delight. I had never seen her masturbate before that day, although she had never denied that she did. She was so engrossed in her sexual fantasy as she fingered her clit that she hadn’t heard me come down the hall, and didn’t see me standing there now. I shook with the erotic excitement of secretly watching her, admiring her nakedness, savoring the roundness of her breasts and how they heaved with each labored breath. I thrilled at the glistening slickness between her thighs, the gorgeously sensuous curve of her ass cheeks as they surrounded the sexy splayed pussy her fingers were working on so diligently.

I wondered what she was picturing in that lovely head of hers, but when I looked out the window into the backyard I got a good idea. A shirtless hunk in his early 30s was working on the brick barbecue we were having put in. His muscles rippled and testosterone practically oozed from his sweat glands, and now I knew what was inspiring my wife as she diddled her clit while lying completely naked on our bed in middle of the afternoon.

I stood quietly watching her, still deeply immersed in her private sexual pleasure. She had never evinced a desire for other men, or admitted that she could possibly fantasize about fucking a construction worker in her husband’s bed; but there she was, playing with her pussy while a half-naked hunk worked just a few yards from our bedroom window.

When my panting wife came, her whole body went tense. She pulled her knees up, spread her legs wide apart and inserted a finger deep into her vagina, which constricted around it as she savored the intensity of her private orgasm. She moaned, then almost purred, and I thought she looked incredibly erotic, lying on the bed with her pussy splayed and filled with an attentive finger while her body convulsed and trembled with her climax. I couldn’t help wondering to myself whether, if that bricklaying hunk worked here for a few more days, my wife would end up fucking him. Or would she just go on dreaming about doing it while she watched him naked from our bed? I could picture them on the bed together, his young cock driving rapidly in and out of my wife’s pussy. My imagination conjured up the scene in vivid color. I was brought back to reality by a movement on the bed, as Vicki brought her glistening finger from her cunt and slipped it into her mouth, gleefully sucking her own juices off her finger, smiling contentedly all the while. I quickly moved away from the door and snuck quietly back down the hall and out of the house.

I waited for three days before coming home early again, figuring that it would take at least that long for Vicki to get up the nerve to invite our hunky worker inside for a “cold drink” if she ever did. That Thursday I took off early and entered the house at about the same time as before. The place was quiet as I…Read the rest of the story at

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