Penthouse Pet Nikki Benz

When the endearing Nikki Benz first graced the Penthouse pages, in September 2008, readers asked for more of the unashamed blonde beauty. Who are we to decline such a well-founded request?

"I took a year off after graduating and began stripping to make some cash for college. I earned so much cash, I never went on to college. Then I got this amazing career in the adult entertainment industry and never looked back."

"I would sleep with a stranger if it was a one-night stand and he is my type. And I most definitely do not have a problem banging someone on a 1st date if the guy gets me wet, and if he has a great sence of humor. "

"I’d enjoy to sleep with Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. I’ll even take them both at the same time! She is a really gorgeous woman."

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