Penthouse Pet Kagney Linn Karter

Kagney Linn Karter may be one of the most pragmatic porn stars we’ve ever come across. She knows just what it takes to make it in the industry: "These days, being good-looking just doesn’t cut it. You have to have personality and pizzazz, too." We’re guessing the bubbly blonde will have no trouble rising to the top, as she’s got all that, and so much more.

"If I had to pick another career, I think being part of those fun acrobatic shows in Las Vegas with trapeze artists would be one hell of a job. I’d be up for any job where I get to fly through the air."

"I was a dancer for three years, and learning new tricks is one of my favorite hobbies. I have a spinning dancer pole in my apartment that I like to work out on."

"I act in Penthouse Studios features as well. I recently did a photo shoot for the cover of The Scarlet Manor, which has a happy-go-lucky –or shall I say ‘get lucky’– scene with Evan Stone and me."

"My biggest sexual turn-on is a very slow start. I can’t stand it when my lover rushes. I let my guys know what I want with my eyes and my body language, and I always return the favor when they slow down and take the time to please me."

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