Penthouse Pet Heidi Baron

Blonde Heidi Baron describes herself as sexy, tall, social, open, loving, and is a party girl to boot. What’s not to like? The active dentist can work us over anytime she wants.

"The most awesome intimate experience I’ve ever had was having multiple climaxes during a lesbian encounter with two friends while my boyfriend was watching on the side."

"My favorite fantasy is to be with Jessica Biel. She is a goddess among men!"

"I love Spain. The food is impressive and there are gorgeous people, great music, and an incredible beach. Coincidentally, the most stimulating place I’ve ever made love is on the beach at two o clock in the morning."

"I get agitated when I’m able to go out with good friends and have a great time partying, but I always run into trouble if I continue partying after I know it’s time to stop. It seems like i am a magnet for any man related troubles"

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